New stuff to try…

the next step

  1. Call an old friend.
  2. Send a card to that friend if you’d rather not commit to an in-person interaction.
  3. Hack your life. Find a book on hacks or shortcuts. That alone will give you tons of ‘try new!’ ideas. This site looks interesting:
  4. Start a digital journal.
  5. Start a hand written journal.
  6. Heighten one of your senses. Eavesdrop. On nature. And yes, even people. No, not to snag juicy details about others’ personal lives. Rather, to just open up to others’ experiences. A few not-so-sincere tips: 1. Noticeably leaning toward your eavesdropping target—not a good idea, especially if your own sense of balance is questionable. ;-]  2. If you have a hearing aid, amping up the settings in mid-eavesdrop is probably not a good idea. 3. Asking your target to repeat something for you might also be a little off-putting.
  7. Dig through your record albums and play some of the oldies or one of your more questionable purchases. Just playing an album almost qualifies as ‘something new’ nowadays.
  8. Create a list of theories about life. Who cares if they have absolutely no scientific foundation? If it works for you, that’s all that counts. Besides, your own observations serve as reinforcing data.
    Here is my own unscientific theory: Retired people aren’t forgetful as much as we’re over-multitasking. [No, that’s not redundant.] Translation: We’re trying to do too much at one time. We know time is limited so we are squeezing in as much life as possible. Result? We catch ourselves wearing our underwear on the outside of our jeans. Go ahead and check right now. We can wait…
  9. This one’s easy–Try a new recipe. I have pearl spelt simmering. Fingers crossed. Later, I’ll make hand pies with a crust I made this morning and a can of sweetened dark cherries that’s been calling my name. Hey! It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon! That’s my go-to rationalization for baking. My other rationalization: Hey! It’s an afternoon! My other rationalization: Hey! I’m alive and breathing!
  10. Find a new interesting website. Here’s one I’ve been using for the last 12 hours: Can you tell?



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