Structuring novelty into the weekend…


It was simple.

This morning, I was writing in my Eclectic’s Journal. [Click for sample pages from the journal if you’re interested.]

For my daily Idea Sandbox list, I decided on “Ten New Things to Do This Weekend” as my topic.

Here is the list:

  1. Listen to new music.
  2. Start a new book.
  3. Walk/Hike at a new location.
  4. Cook a new dish.
  5. Buy a new item at tomorrow’s Maker Faire at the university.
  6. Buy a dish from one of the food trucks downtown.
  7. Use a new app/computer program.
  8. Create web content with a new app.
  9. Use a new setting on one of my cameras.
  10. Add one or two new exercises to my resistance workout.
  11. Plant the new tomato starts I bought this week.
  12. Add a new chapter to my middle grade book.
  13. Create two more new blog posts this weekend.

As you can see, I didn’t exactly stop at 10.

I have a head start.

♦ I am now reading Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. No, I’m not smart enough to understand most of it, but I figured some of his information would blow me away. [Hint: The first paragraph of Chapter 1 did just that.]

♦ And after work, I came home, summoned YouTube, and have now incorporated two new resistance band exercises.

♦ I called up Spotify for new music. Started with its New Music Friday [Latin] selections and moved on to Music for Perfect Concentration, which suited me perfectly as I worked through some pages of the Astrophysics book.

More later. [I’d better print out my list to keep me focused.]

The next post: A progress update on the list AND a realization spurred by this post.


One thought

  1. I love the fact you added more than 10 and I also love the fact you make out a journal draft such as this one. Isaw the last one you made before too and thought it was great the way you combined. I also love the sense of humor you share and really the way you can make people think. Thanks


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