Structuring novelty into the weekend…update…and a realization.


As you can see, I’ve been also using a new web tool: Once a kid, always a kid, I guess.

  1. Listen to new music. [More new music: I turned on a new Comcast/Music Choice Channel called Stage and Screen–music made famous in notable film scores, television, and the Broadway stage.]
  2. Start a new book.
  3. Walk/Hike at a new location. [We hit a trail in town that we hadn’t visited for at least two years. That qualifies as ‘new’ to me. Will still aim for a new one tomorrow, perhaps the Beazell Memorial Forest.]
  4. Cook a new dish.
  5. Make a new item at tomorrow’s Maker Faire at the university. [Yep, made a block print of two rabbits. Will be putting it up on Etsy for $1000, though there’s that little obstacle of actually creating an Etsy account…and setting up a store…, well you get the idea.]
  6. Buy a dish from one of the food trucks downtown.
  7. Use a new app/computer program.
  8. Create web content with a new app.
  9. Use a new setting on one of my cameras. [I used three different settings. Photos and setting labels to be added.]
  10. Add one or two new exercises to my resistance workout.
  11. Plant the new tomato starts I bought this week. [I bought sweet pepper starts and shelling pea starts today for $1.12 apiece. Couldn’t go wrong. Planting will happen tomorrow.]
  12. Add a new chapter to my middle grade book.
  13. Create two more new blog posts this weekend. [I’m adding one with this update.]

As for the realization…


While I enjoyed my year of retirement and feel lucky that I rejoined the working world on my terms, I decided I should keep my retired vibe every weekend.

This activity list led to my enlightenment…that I could have the best of both worlds.


Keep up the search for the new, interesting, even challenging.

You will thank yourself later on.

Please add comments about your own search for daily enrichment, no matter how small. If it resonates with you, then it counts as important and interesting.

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