Retirement Stepping Stone 15: ‘Time’s-a-wasting’ vs. ‘slow-down-and-savor’

stopwatch deadline-2636259_640

I had earlier quoted my friend who noted that we were ‘in our fourth quarter.’

Kind of makes you want to squeeze in a whole lotta livin’.

Welcome to the ‘time’s-a-wastin’ vs. ‘slow down-and-savor’ tug-of war.

If I slow down, won’t I miss out on opportunities to squeeze in a little extra living?

Won’t a leisurely pace eat up too many of these increasingly valuable minutes and hours?

Trust me, there are times when the clock is ticking a little louder and I get itchier to travel, take risks, try new things.

But doesn’t haste and hurry sap quality from these remaining moments?

As I wrangled over this little paradox, I thought I would look around for other views on daily living as a retiree.

Note: I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting at least one stepping stone per week. Each of these lessons or impressions from that year off will constitute a mini-chapter of my book-in-progress.

Along with my book-in-progress, I’m also looking at setting up an online community.
If you’re interested… [Honest! I’m scaling back my ‘shiny objects’ list!]

Yes, keep me updated!



A promise: Your email address will be used to inform you of the status of the book and community and will not be shared.


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