My retirement weekend itinerary

Here is my itinerary for the weekend…

colored dice with images signifying various activities
This is weekend two of letting the dice decide my fate.

Last week, I started posting photos of what my Do Something Dice suggested I do for fun during the upcoming weekend.

According to this roll of the dice, over the next 2+ days, I should aim to:

  1. Attend a live sporting event.
  2. Go out to see a movie. In my book, Netflix doesn’t count.
  3. Workout at a gym. [Sorry, the garage with my exerbike and resistance bands is my ‘gym’.]
  4. Dine at a fancy restaurant.

I’m most interested in our choice of restaurants and which movie we will choose to see. It’s been years since we went to the local cinema.

**I actually count Friday afternoon as the beginning of each retirement weekend.

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