My weekend of retirement…left to chance–Round 2

Here is my itinerary for the weekend…

October 5-7 weekend

Do Something Dice.

Roll for your next adventure.

According to this roll of the dice, over the next two days**, I should aim to:

  1. Go to a sporting event. [Maybe I’ll stop for five minutes at a high school soccer game en route to our fancy restaurant–die #4.]
  2. Go out to a movie. [Netflix at home doesn’t count. Will probably see what’s at the Darkside Cinema.]
  3. Go to a fitness club. [Sorry, not going to join one just because some silly wooden cube is telling me to. My garage works just fine, and for less cash, as a fitness club, though I haven’t yet installed my juice bar or sauna…]
  4. Fancy restaurant. Hmmmm…Taco Vino [tonight’s plan] doesn’t quite qualify. Maybe I’ll order their gourmet plate [if they have one].

How did I do last weekend? Grade: D

  1. Go running. [How about walk and waddle?]
  2. Visit a museum. [I looked up the best online museums to visit. Yes, it’s cheating. But I didn’t get to those either.]
  3. Listen to live music. [Meant to find some downtown buskers, though Imagine Coffee has someone almost every night. Will try that again.]
  4. Order or make pizza. [I made a Serbian flatbread–lepinja–that served quite capably as a pizza. 


**I actually count Friday afternoon as the beginning of each retirement weekend.

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