Sharing Your Retirement With a New Family Member [10 Reasons Why]

Tried to adopt last August but that one didn’t work out.

DUF [Dog Under Foot] showed up at a Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon pet adoption event two days ago. We were there only to accompany friends in their search, as we had postponed our search…until we looked into this seven-year-old’s eyes.

So, why not share retirement years with a guy like DUF? [Note: Official name not determined till my wife comes home from work.]

I could prattle on forever about a dog’s benefits, but I’ll let U.S. News do that for me.

Note: I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll aim to post at least one stepping stone per week. Each of these lessons or impressions from that year off will constitute a mini-chapter of my book-in-progress.

Along with my book-in-progress, I’m also looking at setting up an online community.
If you’re interested… [Honest! I’m scaling back my ‘shiny objects’ list!]

Yes, keep me updated!


A promise: Your email address will be used to inform you of the status of the book and community and will not be shared.


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