Photo-a-day 19: Treat yourself today.

cinnamon roll apple pie swirls in crust
Apologies for lousy photo composition by amateurish [or hungry] photographer

Yes, ‘treat yourself’ is all part of my ‘try new’ crusade.

In this case, on a sunny January Saturday, we headed to Benton County Pie Company.
I heard about it on Wednesday and knew immediately a day trip was inevitable.
Fortunate that the weather gods shined upon us, we hopped in the car and drove west.
After a recheck on directions [Thank you, Alsea library ladies!], it was hard–even for me–to miss the turnoff. [Better yet, there is a sign along the way telling drivers that pie was just 3.14 miles ahead. But let’s not get that confused with January 23, National Pie Day, though I would say it’s imperative that pie be celebrated on both days.

Benton County Pie Company road sign

Once there, we checked into the not-so-imposing headquarters and picked up our cinnamon roll apple and key lime pies and made a beeline for home.

The leftovers in the fridge would have to wait a few extra hours…

key lime pie with zest and whipping cream
Breaking news: Dinner was served much later than usual last night.

Fellow retirees: If you’re looking for a more extended road trip, check out these suggestions.

And if you’re really into pie, this show remains firmly planted on my DVR for repeat viewings. I just love the heart and soul of the people [and the pies] highlighted here.


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