Retirement photo of the day 33: Look at the big picture.

milky way reduced

For some reason, every time I look up at the night sky [assuming the clouds have been whisked away and the stars are out], memories of long ago spring forth. Hide-and-go-seek with neighborhood kids well past dark, cheers from the football stadium down the street, watching G train under the streetlights… I can’t explain it, but there they are.

Give it a try and see what materializes.

Consider making this part of your daily wander.

Here’s a shot from my Friday ‘wander’.

yellow and white crocus
I courageously opened our front door and ventured to these first crocuses of the season.

Based on past winters, it would have taken me at least another couple of days before I homed in on these short-term visitors. But wanderings have landed on my daily habits list and, as a result, sharpened my instincts.


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