Retirees’ Creative Reinvention Day 4: Looking for creativity opps? Cook!

Bread TH

It’s not a masterpiece [and I haven’t even tasted it yet], but every cooking project you take on affords you multiple openings for a creative act.

Just think of all the choices I had to enhance this bread’s flavor and appearance.

Knead in some za’atar.
Dot the dough with chunks of fontina.
Try a new slash/score design.

Not convinced life in the kitchen isn’t for creatives?

Check out this post by Aly Juma: Why the Kitchen is the Most Creative Space in Every Home

My favorite excerpts

— “Due to the lack of consequences in the kitchen, you’re able to defeat fear: fear of criticism, fear of inadequacy, and fear of failure.”
— “It’s a space waiting for you to experiment, explore, and discover new flavors, methods, and recipes.”
— “The kitchen provides you with a set of tools, but leaves it up to you on how to use them to get your desired result.”

Inspired? What is your next [of many, I hope] creative project?

Let me know in the comments below.

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