Retirees: Give yourself a chance–read, write, explore your interests

Still on the thread of finding that creative spark…

Plenty to gain from this piece from Jack HeimbignerIf You Want to Alter the Course of Your Life, Read, Write, and Create

Favorite lines:

— “It [journal writing] is like signing a contract with our lives to create direction and take action.”
[If this thought resonates with you, I suggest picking up a copy of Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Klauser.]

— “…reading plants a seed, writing helps it grow, and creating brings forth harvest…”

— “Write down a list of things you enjoy doing. Use your journal. See what you do already and what you have always wanted to do. Start doing one of those things. Try it out, see what fits.”


Any book suggestions? Journal writing tips? Methods you use to explore your interests?  Let us know in the comments box.

Thanks for reading.

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