More photos added…and a source of inspiration

I’ll try to add a resource with each photo page update.

Here is today’s: In times of uncertainty, how creativity can help

Four key points from Diana’s post.

  • Creativity is a way to work things out.
  • Creativity allows us a chance to see other possibilities.
  • Creativity brings calm to our minds and bodies.
  • Creativity opens the door to engaging our imaginations and going beyond ourselves.


The first two added…

It’s the time of year when the blossom petals form an inviting alternative snow. My wife spun a little artistry and will share it with her students.


Okay, so I couldn’t let my wife have all the fun. About ten minutes later, as she collected other natural objects for future art pieces, I thought I’d add a dose of what we all might use right about now on April 27, 2020.

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