Oy…Out of touch with blog, but not my writing


Okay, I’m juggling too much.

A fault? Absolutely, but honestly, I just like doing lots of stuff.

And then, there’s the garden, which is about to envelop the house with produce.

The tomatoes photo shows about 1/20 of what’s within weeks of harvest time. And the raspberries? Those little hummers kind of sneak up on you.

And I can’t seem to get out of the kitchen. [Could someone please tell me how to cook without making a mess?]

brioche dough
This brioche dough is step one toward CrockPot cinnamon rolls for tomorrow. Thanks to Zoe Francois and Jeffrey Hertzberg [https://artisanbreadinfive.com] for the recipe.
Finally, there is the ongoing AOK Writing project, which will soon show up in one form as a free mini-course, as a preface to a community ed course come late September. [If students ask me to wear a mask during the Zoom class, I might suspect it’s not for health and safety reasons.]

All this while under the watchful eye of Buddy…

buddy watching reduced

I’ll be in touch, fellow retirees. [Still looking for another term…]

2 Thoughts

    1. V!!! Thanks for commenting! Yes, the cooking continues unabated! I’ve tried to set aside Sundays for checking into Roses, but whiffed completely. I miss seeing your photos.

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