Retiree interviews. Excerpt 1

I’m going to be interviewing retirees with a list of questions I recently brainstormed.

I decided before I talked to others, it might be a good idea to talk to myself, in the comfort of my own home–and sparing the neighbors already creeped out by my backyard soliloquies.

Today’s question…

Do you have a mantra for your life as a retiree?

I would say “Every day’s a snow day” is the closest I get to a mantra.
When I was teaching, snow days were rare, but so valued.–an entire 24 free hours in front of me and it spurred me to try something new, something that would set the day apart from a workday. It could have been a trudge through the snow with my wife to the nearby coffee shop to sit back and watch the falling snow through the massive picture windows. Or it could have been ‘popcorn for lunch’. It all worked for me. So, ‘every day’s a snow day’ is a good way to kick off each retirement morning.

Buddy isn’t phased in the least by my discussions with myself. As long as his meals arrive on time, I could stage an entire convention

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