Retiree question: Returning to full time work? Yes or no.

This kind of work doesn’t look all that bad, actually. Immediate knowledge of results, after all.

Today’s question…

Would you consider going back to a full time job?

Hmmm…I’d say only if I had to, but really, at my age, I kind of think that jobs are better occupied by folks who have a family to feed. I wouldn’t feel right taking a job away from them. I’ve been told that, while that’s a noble idea, if no one else is interested in the job, then you should feel no qualms about taking it.
And of course, in these pandemic times, I can’t think anyone would want someone in the ‘vulnerable age range’ roaming the halls.
But really, I have to say, I love the slow mornings and the relaxed dog walks and the Sunday evenings without the dreaded ‘Monday cloud’ hanging over me. 

Buddy isn’t phased in the least by my discussions with myself. As long as his meals arrive on time, I could stage an entire convention

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