Retirees: Pep talk, Part II

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Let’s get to it, retirees. [I’m sorry, that just sounds so forced to me. ‘Employees’, I can live with that. But words like ‘tutees’…’assignees’…naah. The obsession continues.]

Nudge #2:

“Most of us spend most of our lives wondering what if. We imagine. We dream. We hope. And a week turns into a month turns into a year. The stage stays empty. The mic stays quiet. The chair won’t spin around because no one is singing. In moments like this, the goal doesn’t disappear. We think that perhaps the sands of time will cover it up and we will forget all about it, but we don’t. A goal unfulfilled may grow dim, but it never goes dark.”

― from “Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done” by Jon Acuff **


Any book suggestions? Journal writing tips? Methods you use to explore your interests?  Let us know in the comments box.

Thanks for reading.


** A. Not an affiliate link.       B. You’re going to love this. Thinking it would lead me to the Amazon listing, I clicked on the ‘Buy Now with 1-Click for $4.99’ link. I already owned it after all. Nope. I was logged into a second Amazon account and I’m now the proud owner of a second copy of the book. Sometimes, I’m such a dweeb.

Retirees: Pep talk, Part I


Fellow folks in ‘the next chapter’ [I’ll keep trying out weird new labels for us.]…

Inspiration abounds. Do I act on it? Probably not even 20% of the time…for now.

But I figure, why not share these calls to action with others?

Here is your first nudge of the week, from the foreword to James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself . Kindle price $.99   [Not an affiliate link.]

As James says in the title of this book, “Choose Yourself,” and he explains how. Choose yourself right now. If you do this, not only can you not plan the impact you’re going to have, you often won’t recognize it while you’re having it. But one thing is for sure: if you don’t make courageous choices for yourself, nobody else will. There’s no one path. There’s every path. Every path starts with this one moment. Did you choose yourself for this moment? Can you be bold? Then all paths will lead to the same place. Right now. #chooseyourself —Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter


Any book suggestions? Journal writing tips? Methods you use to explore your interests?  Let us know in the comments box.

Thanks for reading.

Retirees: Give yourself a chance–read, write, explore your interests

Still on the thread of finding that creative spark…

Plenty to gain from this piece from Jack HeimbignerIf You Want to Alter the Course of Your Life, Read, Write, and Create

Favorite lines:

— “It [journal writing] is like signing a contract with our lives to create direction and take action.”
[If this thought resonates with you, I suggest picking up a copy of Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Klauser.]

— “…reading plants a seed, writing helps it grow, and creating brings forth harvest…”

— “Write down a list of things you enjoy doing. Use your journal. See what you do already and what you have always wanted to do. Start doing one of those things. Try it out, see what fits.”


Any book suggestions? Journal writing tips? Methods you use to explore your interests?  Let us know in the comments box.

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Re-retired, come mid-June and…

…looking forward to more work on this blog.

retirement road sign


Just a few days ago, I was told that I no longer met the unlisted qualifications for the 32 hour-a-week job which was now being reduced to 20 hours a week. Let’s see…12 fewer hours…to somehow do the same work my colleagues and I needed 32 hours to complete…which would require additional unlisted skills.

I’ll probably need my first couple of months just to figure that one out.

But it means that I’ll soon return to full retirement…

Buddy on his back

rather than the ‘retirement weekends’ I was taking.

And so I plan to redouble my efforts to reach folks who are/will be retired and who want to explore their own inclinations to write, paint, build, photograph, sculpt, design, wander, and find novelty in their daily lives.

This will include repeated reminders to ‘try new’. It is so easy to fall into routines that rob us of seeing opportunities to shake things up. Let’s face it–we’re at the stage where we should take nothing for granted, so if you have a chance to even try a spicy ketchup, a new walking route, or a different entree at Applebee’s [I’m making our lives sound pretty darned exciting, aren’t I?], then you should.

Let’s close with a round of Jeopardy:

Answer: Ourselves


What are we waiting for

Additional creative endeavors…

I wrote earlier of finding that spark.

Well, I think I need to tone mine down.

I am constantly finding new, and sometimes circuitous, paths.

Cases in point:

I’ve been sharing some resources on and posting them to my free ‘teacher expo’ on Teachable as well…

Anyway, enjoy these quotes about creativity.

Creativity quote by Criss JamiCreativity quote by Jack KerouacCreativity quote by Larry Page