Reinvention Writing Prompt of the Day–Define ‘honeymoon’.

I like this quote from Mark Patterson’s post on

“Waiting for something different to happen after you retire is not a plan and may lead to discontent.”

You can also find some good ideas for a proactive retirement in this post.

Reinvention Writing Prompt of the Day–Think different.

This list of 50 Tips for a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy Retirement should provide a few good starting points.

A few of my favorites:

  1. Find a motto for your retirement plan.

  2. Come out of retirement for a career switch.

  3. Get a dog.

  4. Learn a new skill.

Reinvention Writing Prompt of the Day

Here are a few  suggestions from Melyssa Griffin on how she enhances her creative side. You’ve probably tried most or all of these, but they serve as worthy reminders.

Reinvention Writing Prompt of the Day

From a creative standpoint, how will life be different a year from now?

In her YouTube video, Creative Reinvention: The Power to Choose, Elaine Shelly says, “‘Choosing’ is saying yes to that nagging voice, it’s saying yes to your dreams and goals.”

Will this coming year require your ‘saying yes’?

A ‘get creative!’ pep talk

making choices about the results you want to create

In my search for inspiration, I came across this valuable quote and learned of the book. Nice payoff, I’d say.

As for ‘choosing to create’, I appreciated this post by Thomas Oppong.

Memorable points:

— “Great discoveries often evolve as slow hunches, maturing and connecting to other ideas over time. Never miss an opportunity to show up and share.”

— “We are more like Einstein, Leonardo, and Mozart than not!”



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Retirement eCard…work can wait. Sleep can’t.

man sleeping on his deskContinuing work on my Incomplete Book of Retirement Wisdom, which also doubles as a collection of eCards. I’ve added it to Etsy and have to rewrite it for Draft2Digital, as I misinterpreted their formatting instructions. 

Save/download the image above and send it to a retired/soon-to-retire friend or family member.
Better yet…

  • call it up in an image editing program [even a presentation program like PowerPoint will work]

  • slap an even better caption on top of mine or add a personal comment

  • export it as a JPG or PNG, and email/text message it to that person.