Retirement Pondering Point: “We’re in our fourth quarter.”


I was talking to my longtime friend on the phone this morning and, as we reflected on the life and struggles of a 92-year-old acquaintance, he made the above sports reference.

Yikes…many of us are in our fourth quarter!

Time to re-think our work ethic…and focus on our play ethic.

Six phases of retirement


I found this article very interesting and recently shared this within a Facebook group.

  • Which stage are you in?
  • Are you straddling more than one?
  • Which stage do you want to be in?

Yep, I’m full of questions today, but with few answers. More on that later.

I can say that I am at the stage where I realize I probably have already used the image above, but am shrugging and going with it. [This is a nod to the emerging philosophy of “perfect is the enemy of ‘done’.”]

Retirement Pondering Point #4


Where can I find inspiration in my daily retired life?


Here is a little help:

I just ran across this Seven Ways to Cultivate Inspiration item in my inbox.

My favorites, at this point:

#2: Journal

Given enough time to ruminate on paper or a screen, it never fails that some intriguing, interesting, or inciteful [and often, insightful] notion pops up.

#5: Surround yourself with the right people

In-person is better, but those ‘right people’ might well be online connections.

#6: Spend time in nature.

The change in environment usually pays off.
A sense of gratitude often sinks in.
And if you’re mindful enough, you may well see something you haven’t seen before.