Retirement: There’s getting in shape. And then there’s…

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The post above is an excerpt from a draft of my mind-bending book on retirement.
[Okay, slight exaggeration.]
I’m also looking at setting up an online community.

If you’re interested…

Yes, keep me updated!

A promise: Your email address will be used to inform you of the status of the book and community and will not be shared.

Retirement: The Wonder Years

Retirement you wanted to be one with nature wash drying-1200

Congratulations, retiree!
You were the one who wanted to be one with nature.


The post above is an excerpt from an insightful, life-changing book about retirement.

And no, I am not taking the above statement seriously.

And neither should you.

Despite all that…if you’re interested…

Yes, let me know when the book is ready!

A promise: Your email address will not be shared and will be used to inform you of the book’s status and a fun mini-course about retirement.

Retirement Pondering Point: The Gift

Retire-Renewers, even if you’ve already seen it, this is a three-minute wake-up call I’ve bookmarked for a weekly ‘revisit’.

I would love to hear how this might change an hour, a day, or a year of your life.

This TED talk is from 2010 and has been viewed by 3.7 million people.
And today was the first time I’ve seen it.
I went eight years without this ‘gift’ and, because of my jobs and pastimes, I spend a fair amount of time online.

A prime illustration of how wide and deep the Internet has become.


The Habits of Happiness–a TED Talk

I recently used the term ‘play ethic’ [as opposed to work ethic]. Along with ‘trying new’, a play ethic is vital to positive vibes at the end of a day.

And now it’s time to turn to someone who’s looked even more deeply into ‘happiness’.

See if this talk by Matthieu Ricard doesn’t sharpen your own approach to an enriched retirement.


Retirement Pondering Point: “We’re in our fourth quarter.”


I was talking to my longtime friend on the phone this morning and, as we reflected on the life and struggles of a 92-year-old acquaintance, he made the above sports reference.

Yikes…many of us are in our fourth quarter!

Time to re-think our work ethic…and focus on our play ethic.

Stepping Stone 9: More attuned to magic moments.

With the extra non-distracted time, I was able to savor some of life’s little snapshots.

fist bump

There he was [and still is]: One of the weekday Mass ‘regulars’ greeting folks as they returned to their seat from Communion. In my case, we fist-bumped.

It’s camaraderie. It’s kinship. It’s good will. Voluntary on his part. Sought-out on my part.

Magic, I tell you.

During these years, seek out your own magic moments, and feel free to share yours in the comment section. Would love to hear them.

In fact, if I collect 50 ‘magic moments’, I’ll have no choice but to make a book of them. [Not trying to harvest email addresses, honest. Just would love to see what qualifies as ‘magic’ for readers.]

Note: I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting my impressions and lessons–I’ll call them ‘stepping stones‘–as a friend, not an advisor, and certainly not as an expert. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Structuring novelty into the weekend…final results.

looking back on weekend list

A while back, I aimed for ‘new’ throughout a weekend.

Here are the results.

  1. Listen to new music. [More new music: I turned on a new Comcast/Music Choice Channel called Stage and Screen–music made famous in notable film scores, television, and the Broadway stage.]
  2. Start a new book. Still reading Astrophysics for …
  3. Walk/Hike at a new location. [We hit a trail in town that we hadn’t visited for at least two years. That qualifies as ‘new’ to me. Will still aim for a new one tomorrow, perhaps the Beazell Memorial Forest.]
  4. Cook a new dish. [Actually, did a variation on my chocolate chip cookies and stuffed them–one with almond butter and the other with…
  5. Make a new item at tomorrow’s Maker Faire at the university. [Yep, made a block print of two rabbits. Will be putting it up on Etsy for $1000, though there’s that little obstacle of actually creating an Etsy account…and setting up a store…, well you get the idea.]
  6. Buy a dish from one of the food trucks downtown. [Didn’t get there. And still haven’t! I’m a failure! I think I’ll go celebrate my failure with a trip to Saffron Kabob.] 
  7. Use a new app/computer program.
  8. Create web content with a new app.
  9. Use a new setting on one of my cameras. [I used three different settings. Photos and setting labels to be added.]
  10. Add one or two new exercises to my resistance workout. [Yep. Went to YouTube for some great demo’s.]
  11. Plant the new tomato starts I bought this week. [I bought sweet pepper starts and shelling pea starts today for $1.12 apiece. Couldn’t go wrong. Planting will happen tomorrow.]
  12. Add a new chapter to my middle grade book. [Not quite. Did do some outlining, however.]
  13. Create two more new blog posts this weekend. [Added some on two other blogs.]



Still happy with my realization that I can have the best of both worlds–working Monday through Friday and retired on the weekends.


Please add comments about your own search for daily enrichment, no matter how small. If it resonates with you, then it counts as important and interesting.