Stepping Stone 2: Self-doubt creeps in.


It was a weird thing, but early on in my year, it seemed like there was always an internal tug-of war–Should I do this? Can I do that?

Things in the past as simple as writing a short blog post…”Is the wording exactly right?” “Is there really any value in these words…for anybody?” “Maybe it needs an extra day to cool off.”

Did this uncertainty come from the shift to a new chapter in life?

First post: 12 months of ‘stepping stones’

Greetings, readers.

I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting my impressions and lessons–I’ll call them ‘stepping stones‘–as a friend, not an advisor, and certainly not as an expert. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Your experiences–whether anticipated or already encountered–may vary widely. Sounds good to me.

Again, I’m just sharing. And if there is some resource or website I can pass along, all the better.

Let’s move forward. That’s what ‘retire-renew’ is all about…