Structuring novelty into the weekend…


It was simple.

This morning, I was writing in my Eclectic’s Journal. [Click for sample pages from the journal if you’re interested.]

For my daily Idea Sandbox list, I decided on “Ten New Things to Do This Weekend” as my topic.

Here is the list:

  1. Listen to new music.
  2. Start a new book.
  3. Walk/Hike at a new location.
  4. Cook a new dish.
  5. Buy a new item at tomorrow’s Maker Faire at the university.
  6. Buy a dish from one of the food trucks downtown.
  7. Use a new app/computer program.
  8. Create web content with a new app.
  9. Use a new setting on one of my cameras.
  10. Add one or two new exercises to my resistance workout.
  11. Plant the new tomato starts I bought this week.
  12. Add a new chapter to my middle grade book.
  13. Create two more new blog posts this weekend.

As you can see, I didn’t exactly stop at 10.

I have a head start.

♦ I am now reading Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. No, I’m not smart enough to understand most of it, but I figured some of his information would blow me away. [Hint: The first paragraph of Chapter 1 did just that.]

♦ And after work, I came home, summoned YouTube, and have now incorporated two new resistance band exercises.

♦ I called up Spotify for new music. Started with its New Music Friday [Latin] selections and moved on to Music for Perfect Concentration, which suited me perfectly as I worked through some pages of the Astrophysics book.

More later. [I’d better print out my list to keep me focused.]

The next post: A progress update on the list AND a realization spurred by this post.


A daily habit? Daily Clicks.


Over the last year, I would say I’ve followed through on this daily habit about 330 out of 365 opportunities.**


Even if it’s the only thing I accomplish within that 24 hours, these ten clicks [I follow the ‘Greater Good’ menu at the top of the page.] have helped someone and given me a gentle wake-up call to the needs of others, including animals.

**For me, 90% constitutes a habit.  

Retirement Pondering Point #4


Where can I find inspiration in my daily retired life?


Here is a little help:

I just ran across this Seven Ways to Cultivate Inspiration item in my inbox.

My favorites, at this point:

#2: Journal

Given enough time to ruminate on paper or a screen, it never fails that some intriguing, interesting, or inciteful [and often, insightful] notion pops up.

#5: Surround yourself with the right people

In-person is better, but those ‘right people’ might well be online connections.

#6: Spend time in nature.

The change in environment usually pays off.
A sense of gratitude often sinks in.
And if you’re mindful enough, you may well see something you haven’t seen before.


Something you don’t have to fret over…

first five days

Remember: Every day is a ‘snow day’.

Thanks to:  and my friend MC for steering me toward these folks.

And sticking with my ‘try new’, I’m now following these folks on Twitter. Remember: ‘new’ doesn’t have to mean life-changing.