Retirees’ Creative Reinvention: Day 1

Let’s shift gears a little.

Even before I retired, ‘reinvention’ crept into my consciousness. I was feeling fairly marginalized in a number of ways and it felt like it was the right time to redefine what I wanted to do with the ensuing years.

Especially as a creator.

So that will be my emphasis in February–your reinvention as a creator.

I will offer suggestions and include a few steps I’m taking in that direction–not in the vein of  ‘Hey! Look at me!’, but as a way to document [for myself] some forward steps.

Need a little nudge in this direction? Just click on and download the page below and print it out as often as you need. Nothing fancy here. No frills, just a little boost to your mindset. Here also is a link to the two-per-page version.

Creatives Journal Page
Clicking on this will generate a PDF version of the full page.