Photo-a-day 24: It’s been a good day when…

girl hugging lion
You overcame a fear.
beer bottles being tapped as a celebratory toast with setting sun in background
Enjoyed quality time with a friend
Boy and girl exulting over an activity on a MacBook laptop.
You savored the beauty and enthusiasm of youth.

Go ahead…fill in the blank: It’s been a good day when…


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Photo-a-day 11: Resist the list.

to do list

Fellow retirees, yes, some list items can’t be put off. [That brake job, for instance.]

But if you’re in a tug-of-war between cleaning up after breakfast and phoning your friend, well, let’s just say your buddy’s schedule is more of a moving target than those coffee mugs in the sink.

And consider the payoff. A few laughs, a listening ear [in both directions], and quite possibly a meetup in the near future.

Take a look at this list. I say, five of the seven items support my ‘call your friend’ suggestion.