Creative Retirees: Find your allies.

Boo Retire closer up with arrow

…no matter the species.

Seek those who support this next stage and your willingness to try your hand at creative pursuits, no matter how surprising they might be.

And those allies just might be strangers who share your interests.  Senior Planet has both a Facebook presence and a website.

Also, take a look at Creativity in Retirement: A Myth or a Possibility?.


Any book suggestions? Journal writing tips? Methods you use to explore your interests?  Let us know in the comments box.

Thanks for reading.


Retirement photo of the day 33: Look at the big picture.

milky way reduced

For some reason, every time I look up at the night sky [assuming the clouds have been whisked away and the stars are out], memories of long ago spring forth. Hide-and-go-seek with neighborhood kids well past dark, cheers from the football stadium down the street, watching G train under the streetlights… I can’t explain it, but there they are.

Give it a try and see what materializes.

Consider making this part of your daily wander.

Here’s a shot from my Friday ‘wander’.

yellow and white crocus
I courageously opened our front door and ventured to these first crocuses of the season.

Based on past winters, it would have taken me at least another couple of days before I homed in on these short-term visitors. But wanderings have landed on my daily habits list and, as a result, sharpened my instincts.


Retirement photo of the day 32: Follow your gut.

Live by your inner knowledge and strength message from a fortune

It was just one of those moments…

Last summer, I was back in my old stomping grounds and, as I drove with my wife and relatives around Pacific Grove, I made a decision. I would drop in on long-time friends whom, since my move out-of-state, I hadn’t seen for two decades.

Unannounced visits are something I prefer not to do, but ‘seize the moment’ overtook me.

When the door opened, I needed an extra second [in hindsight, it felt like an eternity] to recognize the Mrs.

Her husband came to the door and invited me in for a beer, but told them both I just wanted to touch base.

He and I chatted outside for five minutes and I left fulfilled, but concerned for the wife.

A couple of days later, I found out she had battled cancer for the last nine years.

Just this last week, she left us.

And if I had not heeded that persistent nudge, I would never have shown their importance to me.

And I would have forever regretted not heeding that gut feeling.

Folks, it’s not as if we’re leaving this earth anytime soon, but we also don’t have 50 more years to leisurely let others guide us.

So, give your intuition its due and follow the wisdom of today’s photo.


Photo-a-day 24: It’s been a good day when…

girl hugging lion
You overcame a fear.
beer bottles being tapped as a celebratory toast with setting sun in background
Enjoyed quality time with a friend
Boy and girl exulting over an activity on a MacBook laptop.
You savored the beauty and enthusiasm of youth.

Go ahead…fill in the blank: It’s been a good day when…


I’m working on a short book about lessons and realizations during my first year of retirement.

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Photo-a-day 11: Resist the list.

to do list

Fellow retirees, yes, some list items can’t be put off. [That brake job, for instance.]

But if you’re in a tug-of-war between cleaning up after breakfast and phoning your friend, well, let’s just say your buddy’s schedule is more of a moving target than those coffee mugs in the sink.

And consider the payoff. A few laughs, a listening ear [in both directions], and quite possibly a meetup in the near future.

Take a look at this list. I say, five of the seven items support my ‘call your friend’ suggestion.