Photo-a-day 8: Savor your loved ones…

family photo

Srinivas Rao writes a moving piece entitled On the Time We Have Left With The People Who Matter Most To Us


  • “The ultimate measure of a meaningful life is time well spent on things and with the people who matter most to us.”
  • “We need to hear each other’s voices to touch each other’s hearts truly. And you can’t do that with tweets, status updates and text messages.”
  • “…we text more often than we call, we and we message each other more often than we see each other face to face. We choose short, shallow interactions over deep and meaningful conversations.”

Fellow retirees: This isn’t meant to slay you with guilt. Reading this five-minute piece can issue a minor wake-up call to all of us.

If we have the time, let’s maximize it
with the ones we love and appreciate.

Stepping Stone 9: More attuned to magic moments.

With the extra non-distracted time, I was able to savor some of life’s little snapshots.

fist bump

There he was [and still is]: One of the weekday Mass ‘regulars’ greeting folks as they returned to their seat from Communion. In my case, we fist-bumped.

It’s camaraderie. It’s kinship. It’s good will. Voluntary on his part. Sought-out on my part.

Magic, I tell you.

During these years, seek out your own magic moments, and feel free to share yours in the comment section. Would love to hear them.

In fact, if I collect 50 ‘magic moments’, I’ll have no choice but to make a book of them. [Not trying to harvest email addresses, honest. Just would love to see what qualifies as ‘magic’ for readers.]

Note: I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting my impressions and lessons–I’ll call them ‘stepping stones‘–as a friend, not an advisor, and certainly not as an expert. Quite the opposite, in fact.