My Retirement Book: Self-doubt crept in.

face to face you are your biggest obstacle



I was probably a little more forgiving to myself during that first year of retirement, but extra discretionary time often leads to more introspection, or an equivalent of what this Huffington Post piece refers to as ‘sensemaking’.

This article highlights research by the University of Cincinnati’s Heather Vough and colleagues who identified a list of the six most common career-ending narratives, including the three most challenging to a retiree’s self-worth:

  • Being discarded
  • Becoming disillusioned
  • Having an epiphany

I experienced a mix of these three and so my first year, while at times leisurely, was more marked by a juggling act of highs and lows and doubts and revelations.

My challenge, and I would guess that of plenty of other retirees, was to write a new script.

More on that in a later post.

Take the time to read the HuffPost piece. I’m betting there will be a realization or two out there if you identify your retirement narrative according to the article’s list.

Photo-a-day 18: Look out your window.


Yep, I’m a little stuck on seizing the moment, but sometimes it is easy for me to get locked into my tv screen, a book, a laptop, and/or four windowless walls.

Recently, though, I actually levitated myself from the recliner and was lucky enough to catch some visitors to the cul-de-sac.

And now…it’s time to contradict myself…yes, I told you to look out the window, but on those weather-traumatic days when you just want to tuck in, know this:

Watching Nature Documentaries Can Be Just as Good as Meditation for Wellbeing

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