Retirees’ Creative Reinvention Day 13: And once you’ve made that decision…

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In my last post, I explored, with the help of Jon Acuff, the decision creators must make every day.

Now that you’ve made a decision to create [and possibly to share some of your work], you might saunter further into some unexplored, or at least dormant, traits.

Dani Shapiro, author of Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life,  says: [Note: For every mention of writing, plug in your own creative endeavor.]

“The writing life requires courage, patience, persistence, empathy, openness, and the ability to deal with rejection. It requires the willingness to be alone with oneself. To be gentle with oneself. To look at the world without blinders on. To observe and withstand what one sees. To be disciplined, and at the same time, take risks. To be willing to fail — not just once, but again and again, over the course of a lifetime. “Ever tried, ever failed,” Samuel Beckett once wrote. “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” It requires what the great editor Ted Solotoroff once called endurability.”

For a more complete discussion, click on over to Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings.


Thanks for reading and stay vigilant for opportunities to stretch your and flex those creative muscles.


Retirement Stepping Stone 18: Sadness can intervene.

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During my year, I lost a relative and our beloved dog.

No fun…just when I was settling in a bit to my new chapter.

How to deal with sadness?

Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings blog reviews Michael Rosen’s Sad Book

The book’s and the review’s main points really hit home.

From Popova: Rosen welcomes the layers of grief, each unmasking a different shade of sadness — sadness that sneaks up on you mid-stride in the street; sadness that lurks as a backdrop to the happiest of moments…

From the author: Really I’m sad but pretending I’m happy.
I’m doing this because I think people won’t like me if I look sad.

Take a look. We’re all in this living drama together.

Note: I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting at least one stepping stone per week. Each of these lessons or impressions from that year off will constitute a mini-chapter in my book-in-progress. [Yes, that’s one of my unfinished projects. ;->]

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