Photo-a-day 5: Merge new memories with old ones.

This is the new memory…pretty sure it’s a lasting one.

So, driving to home town, I opt to dodge the traffic on the main highway and take the ‘old road’, the one my dad drove when we were kids.

My first stop was Rocca’s Market, a place I’d never been. Google told me this would fill my arms with Sunday dinner from the grill. [Google will tell you darn near everything, won’t it? It’s up to us to sift through it all.]

Anyway, I enjoyed driving down old Monterey Highway and revisiting memories of junior high basketball games, high school friends, and favorite track coaching moments.

And, talk about revisiting old memories…

I caught this sunset shot before exiting toward my home town. Follow that sun and you’ll end up in the Pacific Ocean, by way of acres of agricultural land.

Retirement Pondering Point: Savor your immediate past. Heed the camera!

I was cruising through my phone’s photo library for a certain shot from a while back and I realized I had captured so many moments that I really had not appreciated.

Lesson to self: Don’t just take photos. Relive them. See what emotions and richer details are recaptured. Make your past as enjoyable as the present. And it might even lead to a fuller, more deeply appreciated future.


Retirement Stepping Stone 12: Savoring memories is not living in the past.




With my extra time, I found myself reflecting on ‘good times’.

I occasionally wondered if that was counterproductive to staying in the here and now.

With time, though, I decided that if savoring the past evokes a smile or a sense of gratitude, then have at it.

Think about it…I could relive laying a post-Thanksgiving siege with beloved cousins to San Francisco’s Playland.

Or I could take a quick glance at today’s cable news.

And so, retirees, join me in a few of my recent replays

–breakfast visits with one of my ‘hall of fame’ students, long after his year in my classroom.

–sitting back as fourth-graders G and W reorganize my class library.

–relishing those years of teaching when I looked forward to the excitement of Monday morning. [No Sunday blues in sight.] And the ensuing gratitude for the principal who saw teaching as an art that you perform with your heart. [Thank you, Bernice.]

–A glistening 75-degree Friday evening in May, 1965…Valley Center Merchants vs. Toro Park at the latter’s rural Little League field. Lightly attended [i.e. no mouthy fans]. Not a care in the world as the first pitch is thrown.

–Strolling the paved pathways along Lake Louise with my wife, after Sunday brunch at the Chateau.

So, retirees, give it a shot. Call up your own magic moments and enjoy.

Note: I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting at least one stepping stone per week. Each of these lessons or impressions from that year off will constitute a mini-chapter of my book-in-progress.

Along with my book-in-progress, I’m also looking at setting up an online community.
If you’re interested… [Honest! I’m scaling back my ‘shiny objects’ list!]

Yes, keep me updated!


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