Retirees’ Creative Reinvention Day 7: Give yourself permission to stray.

stylized photo of Albert Einstein

A favorite quote from Albert Einstein:

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”


Thanks for reading and stay vigilant for opportunities to stretch your thinking.


Photo-a-day 28: Embrace your ‘crazy’

reading glassesjpg

Reminder: This blog is just as much a one-way conversation…with myself.

So, take a look at these glasses.

I wore these babies at least an hour and wondered why everything was blurry.

Yeahhh, those ‘Remove Before Use’ labels…they do tend to detract from optimal reading glass performance.

Note: This was one of a set of three I bought. I’m blanketing the house with these since I can never seem to find them.

So, while I’m encouraging you to accept your own brand of ‘crazy’, here are some ideas to perhaps fend it off a little bit…How To Stay Sharp As You Age.

One of the suggestions: Stimulate your brain. I’m doing that by cutting down considerably on listening to sports talk. I already feel downright Einstein-ish.

Photo-a-day 9: Noticing nature

frost tipped ivy

I was walking the dog this morning.

On familiar streets.

The routine was in full swing, until…

I was lucky enough to note, for me, a new phenomenon.

These frosted ivy leaves almost look Photoshopped. Nope, it’s the real thing.

And I thought…what else–during these days of retirement–have I missed when I fall into routines?

I Googled ‘noticing nature’ and came upon this article–an exercise, really–entitled none other than Noticing Nature¬†from an interesting site called Greater Good in Action: Science-based Practices for a Meaningful Life.

Uncanny…in sharing this photo with you fellow retirees, I had unwittingly approximated the first two of the exercise’s four steps.

Give this site a try.




Retirement Pondering Point: Savor your immediate past. Heed the camera!

I was cruising through my phone’s photo library for a certain shot from a while back and I realized I had captured so many moments that I really had not appreciated.

Lesson to self: Don’t just take photos. Relive them. See what emotions and richer details are recaptured. Make your past as enjoyable as the present. And it might even lead to a fuller, more deeply appreciated future.