Photo-a-day 23: Shift your life…

bell tower at Oregon State University at dusk
Kind of sinister looking, isn’t it? I rarely take photos at dusk, but I couldn’t resist this shot of the imposing creature that hovered over the Oregon State University campus.

one small change at a time. When you think of it, every time you take a photo, you’ve made a small change. You’ve adjusted your perception of the world just a little bit.

Yes, here I am still harping on the ‘try new’ ethic.

It’s not as if we have tons of time left on our clocks.

I’m not trying to be a downer here, just a fact of life and the not-so-popular alternative.

So, why not ‘try new’?

They don’t have to be cataclysmic changes. Just anything different that makes your day of retirement a little bit more interesting.

And I’ve chosen to be intentional about it…


  • I ordered an ‘Italiano’ for my afternoon coffee drink. [An Italiano is a strong Americano.]
  • I changed the route for Buddy’s and my midday walk.
  • I added sumac [love that herb’s lemony flavor] and a balsamic reduction to my sautéed kale and onions.
  • I added maple bbq sauce to my black bean soup.
  • I bought a new kind of coffee from a store where I had never considered buying it. [Note: Hawaiian…]
  • I’m listening to new music from a British acid jazz group Incognito.

Did I change anyone’s life?

Nope, but I changed my own.
And in retirement, why not make that a daily focus?

I’m working on a short book about lessons and realizations during my first year of retirement.

If you’re interested in this and/or
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My ‘try new’ diary, page 1

As I’ve said before, retirees, ‘new’ doesn’t have to be life-changing.

Just a little something to inject interest and anticipation into each day.

So, I’ll use a few photos each week to share times when I ‘tried new’.



I tried three versions of this Algerian/Moroccan flatbread called msemmen. I’ll revisit this recipe often…easy, unique, and open to all kinds of variations.


What’s new about this? This was a first time I took photos at this location on the outskirts of Oregon State University at this time of year at this time of day. I’d have included a shot of one of our alpaca friends, but they were less than forthcoming during our walk.



Remember…nothing life-changing. I have to say, pasta-makers have really turned the corner on making alternative options toothsome and tasty–no more of that gritty whole-wheat stuff they cranked out even three years ago.

Okay, send along your moments of ‘trying new’.