Photo-a-day 23: Shift your life…

bell tower at Oregon State University at dusk
Kind of sinister looking, isn’t it? I rarely take photos at dusk, but I couldn’t resist this shot of the imposing creature that hovered over the Oregon State University campus.

one small change at a time. When you think of it, every time you take a photo, you’ve made a small change. You’ve adjusted your perception of the world just a little bit.

Yes, here I am still harping on the ‘try new’ ethic.

It’s not as if we have tons of time left on our clocks.

I’m not trying to be a downer here, just a fact of life and the not-so-popular alternative.

So, why not ‘try new’?

They don’t have to be cataclysmic changes. Just anything different that makes your day of retirement a little bit more interesting.

And I’ve chosen to be intentional about it…


  • I ordered an ‘Italiano’ for my afternoon coffee drink. [An Italiano is a strong Americano.]
  • I changed the route for Buddy’s and my midday walk.
  • I added sumac [love that herb’s lemony flavor] and a balsamic reduction to my sautéed kale and onions.
  • I added maple bbq sauce to my black bean soup.
  • I bought a new kind of coffee from a store where I had never considered buying it. [Note: Hawaiian…]
  • I’m listening to new music from a British acid jazz group Incognito.

Did I change anyone’s life?

Nope, but I changed my own.
And in retirement, why not make that a daily focus?

I’m working on a short book about lessons and realizations during my first year of retirement.

If you’re interested in this and/or
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A photo a day…the journey starts.

Buddy and Kindle speech bubble

I’m sitting here on Christmas Day and, as a retiree–every day I’m not working at my school,  I enter my ‘retiree’ state of mind–I’ve decided to continue my ‘try something new’ exploits.

And so, my latest foray is ‘a photo a day’. A photo shares lots of information, is open to translation, and serves as a simple springboard for retirees’ topics.

This is my latest obstacle to productivity…Buddy. who joined us in October and, as you might surmise, is rather adamant about priorities…his priorities.

My ‘try new’ diary, page 1

As I’ve said before, retirees, ‘new’ doesn’t have to be life-changing.

Just a little something to inject interest and anticipation into each day.

So, I’ll use a few photos each week to share times when I ‘tried new’.



I tried three versions of this Algerian/Moroccan flatbread called msemmen. I’ll revisit this recipe often…easy, unique, and open to all kinds of variations.


What’s new about this? This was a first time I took photos at this location on the outskirts of Oregon State University at this time of year at this time of day. I’d have included a shot of one of our alpaca friends, but they were less than forthcoming during our walk.



Remember…nothing life-changing. I have to say, pasta-makers have really turned the corner on making alternative options toothsome and tasty–no more of that gritty whole-wheat stuff they cranked out even three years ago.

Okay, send along your moments of ‘trying new’.

Seeking novelty…another consideration.

Retirement try new evening walks manhole open shove

There are limits to your search for ‘new and interesting’, however.

Maybe we can stick with something a little more tame today.

Here’s a thought: Today [April 10] is National Library Workers Day!

Take a leap and thank someone at the circulation desk. Bet you’ve never done that before!

Zany Face on Emojipedia 11.1

Stepping Stone 5: I should have sought more novelty.


At the end of some of my days, things felt stale. Why the uneasiness? I hadn’t tried anything new.

And at this stage in my life, it felt like lost time. Not a reason to get all worked up–like I said, just a general state of disquiet.

Still, I liked those days when I reminded myself to look for opportunities for novelty.

A favorite book: Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You
[Note: Not an affiliate link.]

These mini-adventures don’t have to be life-changing, however. They don’t have to upset the apple cart. They could be as simple as cruising a new aisle at the library or ordering–Lord, help us–a different drink from your favorite coffee hangout.

Sidebar: There are benefits to seeking novelty. Then again, for some, it can be taken a bit too far. But that’s hardly my intention.

I’ll be following up with lists of ten ‘new things to try’. We wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed, now would we?
Face With Head-Bandage on Google Android 8.1

So today… ‘Try new!’.

See my next post on the benefits of seeking novelty

What are stepping stones?