More Tips to Fire Up Your Creativity

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201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity

— Keep a box labeled for each project. Toss everything in the box, and don’t worry about misplacing things or ideas.

from Amy Ng of Pikaland

— Choose just one creative aim for the day. What one creative project can you begin/continue/finish today?

from Dan Goodwin’s Wakeful Ways at A Big Creative Yes

— Think on paper. With a bunch of loose paper, start jotting ideas down. Here are four benefits of writing by hand.

from Jacob Cass at Just Creative Design

Photo-a-day 20: Tell your story.

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Even if it’s to yourself. You will be surprised how many insights and realizations will pop up, not to mention special [and possibly long concealed] memories.
There have been countless times when I wished I had sat down with my mom and dad to get more of a sense of their early lives.
Do yourself and your kids a favor–revisit your life on paper.
And here’s a little nudge to get you started…
Some highlights:
  1. The memoir’s tone should be largely celebratory.
  2. You don’t have to be a great writer.
  3. You can write your memoir any way you want.


I’m working on a short book about lessons and realizations during my first year of retirement.

If you’re interested in this and/or
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Retirement Weekend: Canine censorship and college football

Probably not a headline you run across all that often…

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Been busy with this latest venture into ‘something new’:

There HAVE been obstacles:

Am thankful I have my ‘retirement hours’ for what now feels like more of a challenge than I intended. [Note: I AM typing this one-handed.]